1. Calcium makes bones solid and joints graceful. Calcium rich nourishments incorporate dairy items like milk , jogurt , verdant greens like spinach, kale and broccoli , cheddar, Fish like sardines and salmon , almond nuts and edamame. Individuals with lactose prejudice can pick advanced soy milk or almond milk.
2. Vitamin D additionally enables our issues that remains to be worked out calcium. Our body produces Vitamin D when presented to daylight . 30 minutes of sun presentation three times each week is sufficient to deliver the measure of Vitamin D our body needs.
3. Boost our bone quality with weight bearing activities like running , running ,step climbing , messing around. On the off chance that we experience the ill effects of joint torment , select low-sway practices like bicycling and swimming.
4. It’s ordinary to make them throb muscles following activity. Yet, in the event that the agony goes on for over 2 days , you may have overemphasized your joints , that can prompt injury or harm. So don’t push so hard next time.
5. Maintain a sound body weight to ensure weight-bearing joints, for example, knees,hips and back. Each pound you shed takes four pounds of weight off your knees.
6. Couch potatoes, PC addicts and the individuals who stay stuck to a seat throughout the day are at higher danger for joint agony and firmness. So move more by as often as possible changing positions , extending , going for breaks or short strolls or remaining during calls.
7. Posture issues, standing and sitting upright shield your joints from your neck down to your knees.
8. Take consideration while lifting and conveying packs on your shoulders or arms rather than with your hands to let your greater muscles and joints uphold the weight. What’s more, hold those things near your body.
9. Using legitimate footwear is significant for bone and joint wellbeing. Ladies who regularly wear high heels have a seven to multiple times more noteworthy possibility of creating joint agony and issues. So change your heel tallness.

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