Despite the lifting of restrictions in major cities, the pandemic is far from over, which means that precautions must be taken while outdoors in public spaces.

As your trips to the grocery store gradually become more frequent , it si imperative that you avoid doing things that could potentially put you at higher risk of coronavirus exposure.  Now , here are three simple thing you should keep avoiding should keep avoiding while browsing the supermarket aisles.  The worst thing you can do in a grocery store is touch your face, people without thinking about it, “Touch their face around thirty times an hour without thinking about it.

The timing would have to be right, but if you touched a contaminated surface and then proceeded to touch your eyes, mouth, or nose , you might be able to contract the coronavirus that way.

To avoid this happening , just stop touching your face in the grocery store. Restrictions may have been lifted in most of cities and towns , but this does not mean that you should stop taking the recommended safety procautions in the grocery store.

Wearing a mask is a great way to make sure you don’t spread the Virus to other shoppers and it may also help to prevent you from contracting the Virus.

Before the pandemic, you may have enjoyed picking up a variety of boxed products from the store to examine them closely, but its wise to avoid doing so during the pandemic .   Again , unless you have a hand sanitizer on hand and apply it regularly, you may accidentally touch your face, and you may not even know it.   And just try and pick up items that you’re going to buy, this way you’re going to limit the numbers of items that other people have touched.


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