One of the most important things we can do is eat a balanced diet that will boost our immune system and help us stay healthy. I am sharing a few tips for boosting immunity and staying healthy during this crucial time ( COVID-19 LOCKDOWN SEASON).

  • Take a break from packed snacks made of white flour and refined sugars for Healthy homemade munchies.
  • Exclude energy-dense junk and sugar based preparation from the list of Buckets, instead , include a lot of vegetables and fruits that help build up Your immunity.
  • Listen to your body and limit portion sizes even if something is labelled ‘healthy.’
  • Drink enough water and other healthy fluids to hydrate your body and keep The seasonal cold and cough away.
  • Include proteins in your food-protein plays a role in the body’s immune system Especially for healing and recovery.  If poultry is prohibited,the best option is to choose fresh fish, plant-based protein sources such as dals, beans, rajma, channa ,panner, nuts, etc.
  • Improve your immunity to help your body fight infection with food naturally or Consider supplements as recommended if you are unable to get it through a Diet . luckily, we Indians are blessed with immune-boosting foods that can be Eaten with our traditional recipes such as rasam, lassi, chutney, gravies or kashayams.
  • Ingredients that should be included in your daily diet during this season Include ginger , garlic, amla, tulsi, guava, kiwi, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, pepper, honey , curd, leafy vegetables , shallots, cabbage , bell pepper, sweet potatoes, seafood , nuts and oilseeds. But don’t overdo it, just consult with your dietitian.
  • Consult with your dietitian and design a menu for you and your family while You’re at home and regular physical activity enhances one’s immune comptetence and regulation to fight viral or bacterial infections and it also helps you to manage weight , diabetes, high blood pressure and also helps to relieve stress and calm your mind.

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