ONION 4                                                                      WELL CHOPPED

CORIANDER LEAVES                                                 WELL CHOPPED

CARROT ¼ CUP                                                          WELL GRATED

DHANIA POWDER                                                      1 TABLE SPOON

RED CHILLI POWDER                                                 2 TABLE SPOON

CUMIN/ JEERA                                                            1 TABLE SPOON

TURMERIC POWDER                                                   ¼ TABLE SPOON

SAMOSA PASTRY SHEETS                                        AS YOU NEEDED

MAIDA                                                                           1 TABLE SPOON

SALT                                                                               AS PER TASTE

OIL                                                                                  FOR DEEP FRY


Take Onions and chop it well,Grate carrots well and keep it in plate aside.

Heat a pan with 2 tablespoons of Oil and add Onion and carrot along side jeera seeds and fry it for a short time and add all masala powders and fry it for a short time and add salt , red chilli powder and stir frying for few seconds and add well chopped coriander leaves. And take it during a bowl and keep aside

Now make the maida paste adding two table spoon of water Take the Samosa pastry sheet and cover it during a clean wet kitchen towel

After jiffy ( 20 minutes) peel the sheet and place it and take 3 tablespoon prepared onion and carrot stuff over one end.

And cover the sheet folding within the triangle shape and seal it with maida paste and keep it aside and repeat it to end all the things

Keep all the prepared samosas aside during a plate for a short time

Now take oil in deep fry pan for deep frying and warmth the oil and fry all samosas until it becomes golden colour.

Now take it during a serving plate.

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